Undergraduate Management (in English) 2016 Course List

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Compulsory Departmental Courses

ENG302 - English For Professional Communication II
This course includes more detailed job-related communication skills. In this frame, describing and organising meetings, developing communicational styles in various cultural settings, handling mistakes and apologizing, getting familiar with marketing styles and advertising, deciding how to adapt and market a product in different countries, preparing different types of presentation (speech), discussing workplace dilemmas and rules, writing job-related e-mails are dealt with.

MAN101 - Introduction to Behavioral Science
The Foundations of Society, Social Inequality, Social Institutions, Social Change

MAN102 - Introduction to Law
Hukukun temel kavramları, diğer sosyal düzen kuralları ile ilişkisi, hukukun tanımı, kamu hukuku ve özel hukukun alt dalları, Türk yargı örgütü, dava türleri

MAN111 - Introduction to Business
Fundamentals of business, global business, small business, forms of business, functions of business, namely, management and organization, and information technology.

MAN112 - Introduction to Management
This course covers topics such as organization, teamwork, technology and information management, production, operations management, human resources, marketing, accounting and finance.

MAN122 - Quantitative Applications in Business
The aim of the lesson is to gather and arrange the statistical data, analyzing and commenting them. Application of various numerical methods and ways in business sector are in the content of the course.

MAN203 - Muhasebe İlkeleri I
Accounting concept, generally accepted accounting principles, accounting equation, accounting transaction, the accounts and recording process, balance sheet and income statement, all of the asset, equity, revenue and expense accounts transactions.

MAN204 - Principles of Accounting II
Determination of quantity and value of all the assets and liabilities, month/year end transactions, trial balance, incorrect entries, detailed financial statements.

MAN206 - Organizational Behaviour
This module considers a range of theories, tools and techniques which will help students to understand and manage the people within their organizations.

MAN209 - Financial Mathematics
Calculations on percentage, calculations related to cost, profit and sales, calculation of interest, annuities, debt repayment, internal and external discount, bond valuation, stock valuation, project evaluation.

MAN213 - Organization Theory
Fundamental concepts of organization structure and design. The evolution of organization theory, organizational effectiveness, organizational structure and environment.

MAN214 - Quantitative Analysis
Quantitative approaches to decision making. Prior, posterior, pre posterior analysis. Linear programming, transportation, assignment, network analysis, inventory models, queing models, markov chains.

MAN217 - Business Law
The concept of enterprise law, dealer concept, mercantile affair, tradename, unfair trade.

MAN241 - Pazarlama İlkeleri
This course includes the concepts to be considered prior to and through decision making process of marketing.

MAN242 - Marketing Management
The definition and explanation of basic concepts, Consumer Products, Product Mix, New Product Development, Product Lifecycle, Distribution Channels, Promotion, Advertising, Sales Management, Pricing, Elasticity

MAN292 - Turkish Tax System
Definition of the tax law, General rules of tax law, Tax criminal law, Tax execution law, Tax judgment law and Tax administration.

MAN303 - Financial Management I
Cash flow, ratio analysis, the time value of money, stock and bond valuation, capital budgeting, project analysis, operating leverage

MAN304 - Financial Management II
The fundamentals and apllication fields of business law, individual and collective business law subjects

MAN308 - Cost Accounting
This course is a study of the fundamentals of cost accounting within an industrial organization. The cost accounting functions relative to materials, labor, and factory overhead are treated in detail. Job order and process cost systems are explained. Cost allocation, standard costing systems, activity-based costing systems are also discussed.

MAN311 - Production Management
This course focuses on operation strategy, product and service design, production and inventory management, quality management and quality control.

MAN364 - Financial Statement Analysis

MAN365 - Year End Accounting Procedures

MAN401 - Managerial Accounting
The theory and technique of cost determination under the job casting and process costing methods of cost finding, budgeting, cost-volume-profit analysis, analysis of financial statements, cost allocations, basic of accounting concepts.

MAN402 - Strategic Management
It will introduce the students to managerial decisions that focus on the organization as an entity, its functions and their interrelations. The center of attention will be the total enterprise, its relations with its operational environment, the objectives intended to achieve and management strategy, policies, plans and tasks to move toward these objectives. Unlike the other courses where the subject mater was narrowly aimed and a particular function of business (such as finance, marketing, production, accounting etc.). It deals with the company’s totality both inside and outside.

MAN448 - Marketing Research
In the course content, basic statistical data analysis (correlation, regression, Chi-square, t-test, ANOVA) are included in the course of marketing research, data collection methods, research designs, sampling and non-sampling errors in research

MAN453 - Investment Projects Analysis

TURK 401 -

TURK 402 -

Elective Courses

MAN440 - Digital Marketing
Briefings (Online Payments, Disability Web Access, Surveys & Forms, Affiliate & Voucher Marketing, Crowdsourcing,Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Linkedin), Mastering Google (AdWords Advertising, Analytics & Applications), Micro Blogging - Twitter, Copy Writing For The Web, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Video & Audio (Podcasting) Marketing

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

COMPE 105 - Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
Fundamentals of information systems, system and application software. Input, processing, storage, output and communication. Exploring the windows environment. Learning management systems. Internet applications. Use of applications software: word processing, spreadsheets and creating presentations, integrating and sharing information between applications.

ECON 101 - Introduction to Economics I
Focuses on development of basic theory of demand, supply, and market price. Explores applications to selected microeconomic problems, such as basic monopoly and competition, and other issues that relate to the role of the pricing system in resource allocation and income distribution.

ECON 102 - Introduction To Economics II
The course focuses on the flow of national income, economic growth, and fluctuation, the role of money and banking, and monetary and fiscal policies. Emphasizes the development of conceptual tools to analyze the economic problems facing modern society.

ENG101 - English for Academic Purposes I
ENG101 consists of academic skills, such as reading comprehension, vocabulary building and critical analysis of texts. In this frame, listening and note-taking, class discussions, presentations, writing, research assignments and use of technology are some of the important activities.

ENG102 - English for Academic Purposes II
ENG102 elaborates on academic skills such as reading comprehension, listening, class discussions about the topic of the unit, vocabulary building and critical analysis of texts. It also includes research assignments and response paper and graph writing. Skills like listening and note-taking, analysis of written products, portfolio keeping and use of technology are elaborated in this course, as well.

ENG201 - English for Academic Purposes III
The course consists of mainly advanced reading and writing skills, applying critical reading skills and strategies, identifying the organization of a reading text, main ideas of the texts, and the author’s main purpose, summarizing a given text, outlining and writing an argumentative essay. Some parts of the input are in flipped learning mode.

ENG202 - English for Academic Purposes IV
In this course, students are trained to prepare and write research reports and deliver effective oral/written informative and persuasive presentations. It includes gathering information, organizing data, outlining, using appropriate techniques in presentation & delivering for a maximum impact, using visual aids and citation effectively. Flipped learning is utilized when necessary.

ENG301 - English For Professional Communication I
This course includes job-related communication skills. In this frame, the functions such as, describing relationships at work, discussing performance reviews and giving feedback, discussing plans and arrangements, using social media for professional communication, discussing on recruitment tests and job interviews, presenting a service or product, writing reviews on websites, writing job-related e-mails are dealt with.

HIST 221 - History of Civilization
Analysis of the importance of theuse of technology in human evolution and the emergence of early civilizations; ancient societies from Ancient Egypt to Greece as the cradles of modern civilizations; some classical texts of certain key authors –Machiavelli, Hume, Descartes, Hobbes, Bacon, Locke, Rousseau, etc. As outstanding contributions to the history of enlightenment; some groundbreaking scientific texts of Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton to understand the contribution of scientific thought to the progression of civilization.

HIST111 - Principles of Ataturk and History of Turkish Revolution I
A history of the foundation of the Turkish Republic in the light of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles and basic terms, concepts and events of modern Turkey history in a period covering 16‐20th centuries in comparison with world and global history in the same period of time.

HIST112 - Principles of Ataturk and History of Turkish Revolution II
A history of the foundation of the Turkish Republic in the light of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles and basic terms, concepts and events of modern Turkey history in a period covering 16‐20th centuries in comparison with world and global history in the same period of time.

MATH101 - Introduction to Calculus
Course Description : Basic algebra, Graphs, Functions and Their Graphs, Equations and Inequalities, Polynomials and Rational Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, System of Equations, Matrices, Determinants.

Technical Elective

- ISL Elective

MAN354 - Computer Applications in Business
Summary statistics, Data representation, Pivot tables, Chi-square analysis, Linear programming, Applications of operation management, T-tests, ANOVA, Reliability analysis, Correlation analysis, Factor analysis, Applications of marketing research, Basic linear regression, Applications of cost analysis and budgeting