Master' of Health Care Management (Non-Thesis) Course List

Compulsory Departmental Courses

Technical Elective Courses

Elective Courses Taken From Other Departments

Free Elective

Compulsory Departmental Courses

SY598 - Term Project
In this course students will finish the project that they choose at the begining of the semester

Technical Elective Courses

- Technical Elective (Master's)

ISL505 - Quantitative Methods
Operational research, Structure and solution of decision problems, Linear programming, Mathematical structure of linear programming, Solution techniques of linear programming, graphical method, Simplex method, Transportation problems, Mathematical structure of transportation problems, Solution of transportation problems, MODI test.

ISL511 - Human Resource Management
The institutional and pracvtical dimensions of HRM.

ISL555 - Research Methods

SY501 - Health Care Management
These topics are covered in detailed format in this course:Definition, Historical Development and Functions of Administration Characteristics, Classification and Functions of Health and Health Services, Development and Organization of Health Care Services in Turkey Strategic Management in Health Enterprises Performance Management in Health Enterprises Definition, Characteristics, Functions and Classification of Hospitals

SY502 - Health Policy and Planning
Development and transformation of health policy historically in public policy process is to be studied in the context of the course. Understanding the health policy by defining the components and critical issues in the health service planning are to be discussed.

SY503 - Total Quality Management in Health Care Organizations
To explain Total Quality Management, ISO 9001:2008 standarts, JCI Hospital Acreditation standarts, Health care standarts of Turkish Ministry of Health, Patient Safety standarts and how to control quality system.

SY504 - Stock Control and Material Management
Having basic business and economic information Having information on civil aviation To have basic knowledge in the field of Accounting To have knowledge of transport systems and combined transport

SY505 - Health Economics
Supply and demand, consumer producer surplus, market response, elasticity, taxes, decision making, rational consumer, production decision, market structure.

SY506 - Health Law
Concepts of health and law, their relationship and interactions, concept of health law, the place and importance of health law in public law and private law, analysis and legal features of health issues regulated with private laws, responsibilities of health agencies and institutes, legal and criminal responsibilities, rights and obligations of healthcare personnel, analysis of legal and criminal responsibilities, power and responsibilities, legal characteristics, family planning, blood transfusion, transplantation, medical evacuation regulated with special laws, legal characteristics of euthanasia and concept of euthanasia, evaluation of general rules and principles accepted on international agreements in terms of health law

SY507 - Financial Management in Health Services
Financing and capitalization topics for people who are working in the health care sector.

SY508 - Marketing Management in Health Services
Explanation of basic concepts, strategic planning and marketing process, marketing strategy; target group identification and development in marketing mix, macro and micro environment of marketing, marketing segmentation, product, price, entrustment, distribution

Free Elective

ECON501 - Theory of Economics
Course covers the following concepts: Supply and demand, consumer producer surplus, market response,elasticity, taxes, decision making, rational consumer, production decision, market structure

FNCE504 - Financial Management
Financial management process, time value of money, financial analysis, financial planning, breakeven and leverage analysis, operating capital.

FNCE508 - Financial Analysis
Introduction to financial statements, analysis types, analysis techniques, horizontal analysisis, vertical analysis, ratio analysis

FNCE515 - Managerial Accounting

HIR512 - Communication Strategies and Organizations
Examine the contemporary organizational structures and forms of administration.

ISL501 - Contemporary Management
Concept of business management, management system and its relation with external environment, enterprise of management, legal structure of management, basic functions of management, production, marketing, planning, finance, another processing, analyzing of business and duty, personal evaluation. To teach general structure and functions of management.

ISL506 - Organization Theory
Course content includes these subject; Introduction to organization teory, Classical organization theories (Taylor: Scientific Management, Fayol: General Principles of Management, Weber: Ideal bureaucracy), Neo-classical organization theories (E.Mayo: Hawthorne and Western Electric Company, Woodward : Management and Technology, Burns: Mechanistic and Organic Structures, McGregor:Theory X and Theory Y), Modern organization theories (”Systems” approach, Contingency approach), Organization development and management develeopment, Contemporary Approaches to Business (Total Quality Management and continious improvement, Benchmarking, Re-engineering, Learning organizations, Strategic management).

ISL508 - Psychology and Business Ethics

KAM 511 - Leadership and Administration

KAM 533 - Bureaucracy and Organizational Behaviour

kam 534 -

LOJ501 - International Marketing and Strategies

LOJ512 - Project Design and Management

LOJ513 - Strategic Management in International Business